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China’s Best Tapered Rod Production Line Established by Pangolin Project

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Pangolin Project was finished on Feb.28th, 2014. After almost 10 months of adjustment, this tapered rod production line is the best in China.

1.Continuous operation of 7 operators in forging process could effectively control the processing speed, shorten operation period and reduce WIP. By monitoring the heating temperature, forging quality could be guaranteed.

2.The heat treatment of the rod is done by roller track style normalizing furnace. With automatic control of the heating temperature and cooling air, decarbonization is controlled and the hardness and metallographic structure of the rods are stablized.

3.In quenching, the shanks are heated continuously with automatic alarm under temperature deviation. Rotary plate of the quenching furnace is rotated automatically with video monitor of the whole process. Consistent temperature after heating and consistent hardness after quenching could solve the problem of shank rounding and caving.

4.Combine shot-peening and alignment. Rods are rotated forward on shot-peening machine, during which could remove the rust and strengthen the surface and reduce the turnover time.

5.The rods are painted on an electrostatic spraying line and filled with oil in inner holes, which could guarantee the quality during transportation and stock. Stress after shot-peening is released with the heating temperature of 230 – 250°, thus could improve the rod life. The rods could be painted to black or grey in order to meet the delivery requirements for customers.

6.The tips of common rods are turned so that they could match better with the bits and improve the usage life.

7.Stock products are set. Stock on shelves could guarantee in-time delivery and FIFO. Meanwhile, stock quality and batch tracking is improved.

8.Quality inspection rules are established and responsibility of workers and management are strengthened to make sure the correct implementation of the processes.


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