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Button Bits has long blunt operation service life, and the grinding life of button bits is 4-5 times longer than that of blade bits with the same diameter. The button bits have the advantages of saving assistant labor hour, reducing physical work and accelerating job progress. Therefore, tapered button bits and threaded button bits with different diameters are widely used for drilling hard brittle rock by matching with jumbos. In Sweden engineers’ opinion, it is best matching plan in modern rock drilling technique that the button bits are matched with hydraulic jumbos.  In recent 20 years, the technique of button bits is developing very fast both home and aboard.  Compared with traditional blade bits, the button bits have the advantages of longer grinding life, high drilling speed, etc. The button bits are mainly divided as following:  1. Down-the-Hole Button Bits  Down-the-Hole Button Bits are drill bits matched with Down-the-Hole hammers through splines, and widely used in surface drilling, rock quarries, power and water projects , Water well drilling, , side piling support drilling, etc. Down-the-Hole Button Bits are divided into low air pressure Down-the-Hole Button Bits and middle-high air pressure Down-the-Hole Button Bits. The Down-the-Hole Button Bits are matched with Down-the-Hole hammers and had the characteristics of hole straightness, high speed, and deep hole drilling. Therefore, the Down-the-Hole Button Bits are widely used.  2. Threaded Button Bits  Threaded Button Bits are drill bits matched with hydraulic drifters (or pneumatic drifters) and drill rods (or tapered rods) through different threads. The diameters of the Threaded Button Bits ranks from 32 mm to 203 mm. The Threaded Button Bits are mainly used in the fields of underground mining, surface mining, furnace, etc. with the advantages of high speed and convenient grinding. 3. Tapered Button Bits Tapered Button Bits are drill bits mainly matched with pneumatic rock drills and tapered rods. The Tapered Button Bits are connected with the tapered rods through taper to finish drilling work. The Tapered Button Bits are mainly used in the fields of secondary crushing, anchor rod support, tunneling, etc.
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